…and that was it!

It’s been a year of sharing, learning and growing!!! We have enjoyed ourselves and we have will miss the kids, teachers and coordination. We are absolutely sure that we will start new adventures next year! Loads of Love! Sharing to learn J. Rubió i Ors Team Continua la lectura de …and that was it!

We almost finished (Serena)

Hey guys! Yeah, it’s me again. Well we almost finished the play. Today was our last day of rehearsal after all the effort of this two last weeks trying to memorize and practise. I am so happy with this last rehearsal with my group, your pronunciation has improved lot. But, despite of that, today you were a little exited. Anyways, I hope that next week … Continua la lectura de We almost finished (Serena)

21 & 28 of March at Antoni Tàpies school

Hello! Last thursday and today, we’re playing some board games, about vocabulary like pictionary or another that you have to make a story with the photos that shows the game. It was really fun and we learn some new vocabulary. At finish the lesson, two pupils give us a draw whith our name, it was so cute! Good job guys! See you soon, Carla & … Continua la lectura de 21 & 28 of March at Antoni Tàpies school